Anudit Nagar

Full Stack Blockchain and Web Developer. Pursuing Research in Federated Learning, Differential Privacy & Blockchain Technology.


An Open-Source Distrubted AI Infrastructure built using a Substrate Blockchain .

The Convo Space

The Decentralized Conversation Layer of Internet.


A one-stop shop to Create, Sell and Showcase your Artwork aiming to democratize the control and pricing of assets by Harberger Taxes.


An Inclusive and global gateway to decentralized content creation and exploration using SMS.

Saarthi V2 - Your Decentralized Helping Hand.

Saarthi takes a multi-dimensional approach towards helping those in need of Financial or Medical Resources, available across 12 Indian regional languages.

Poseidon - A Data Token Manager

A simple way to create, manage and trade DataTokens on Ocean Protocol

Themis - An equitable way of pricing public goods.

An oracle enabling Purchasing Power Parity on Ethereum to allow for a more equitable and dynamic pricing of products allowing you to send and receive payments normalized to the geolocation of the users.

Libertas V2 — Your Word is now, Unstoppable.

A Censorship Resistant Decentralized Social Network allowing users to create Videos, Live Streams, Articles, P2P calls giving users the power to monetize every second of their content, choosing the advertisements they want to show and build live audiences, global and unstoppable.

Libertas V1 — Global Unstoppable Streaming, Now.

Libertas empowers content creators to reach audiences anywhere 🌐 — in a censorhip resistant manner. Share Videos, P2P Live Streams, Calls, and sponsored content that pays directly, every second.

AtomiX Network

AtomiX enables swaping of tokens across blockchains like Ethereum, Binance & EOS, ✨ Seamless ⚡ Atomic ⛽ Gassless.

Saarthi 🤝, A support system for those in need.

Saarthi takes a multi-dimentional approach towards helping those in need of Financial, Medical or Computational Resources, available across 12 Indian regional languages.

Chiron Network - A decentralized helper for COVID19

A Decentralized Computation Network leveraging blockchain technology and AI to allow users to contibute computational resources, medical data and monetory relief directly to those in need., Incentivised ML on Blockchain.

A Blockchain based Decentralized AI ecosystem allowing any ML model to learn from local user data in a privacy-preserving manner, rewarding devices that help improve the accuracy of the global model.