AtomiX allows anyone to swap tokens across chains. ✨Seamless. ⚡Atomic. ⛽ Gassless.

  • ANC is a Utllity Token Pegged across multiple chains. AtomiX currently supports,
    • Ethereum Chain ( ERC-20 )
    • Binance Chain ( BEP-2 )
    • EOS Chain ( eosio.token ) More to come …
  • AtomiX is integrated with Transak allowing users to conduct Fiat on/off ramp transactions, simply put, to buy and sell crypto assets with UPI, bank transfer without leaving the site.
  • ANC on AtomiX, integrated with BIconomy allows the user to Swap tokens without worrying about Gas at all.
  • ANC on Ethereum internally utlises it’s own deployment of the GasToken on Matic Network to Bank and Free Gas. If you hodl ANC you also hodl GasToken.
  • AtomiX is integrated with the following providers,
    • Metamask
    • WalletConnect
    • Portis
    • Fortmatic
    • Torus
    • Arkane
  • AtomiX also resolves ENS if found.
  • Gas Token is currently deployed at,
  • ANC is currently deployed at,

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🥇 AtomiX was a Winner at ETHIndia 2020 - Moneylegos